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Above the Arctic Circle

Finland - Norway - Sweden CAMPING/CAMPSITE CABINS - LAPLAND & LOFOTEN ISLANDS Above the Arctic Circle (2009 season)
• Explore the summer highlights of arctic Norway, Sweden & Finland • Exceptional value as most meals are included • Adventure & discovery in 'the land of the midnight sun'
Tour information
Lofoten Islands From Tromso we head for the wild Vesterålen and Lofoten islands that jut out of the Norwegian Sea like jagged teeth. Crossing the sea, we hope to spot whales plunging in the water. We'll explore the craggy coastline (home to many seabird colonies including puffins), go hiking in the hills, and relax in the sauna in the evening. Next we make a superb drive following the rugged coastal fjords to Narvik, then cut through the mountain range to Abisko in the Swedish fells.
Lapland, Land of Reindeer Herdsmen We now enter Lapland, land of the Sami herdsmen: a colourful people whose life is geared to the migratory pattern of their reindeer herds. This enormous rolling wilderness is sprinkled with lakes that shimmer gold in the evening sun and with soft carpets of arctic flowers. We plan to spend our days making the most of the long hours and clear air. Day hikes, biking or canoeing are possible in this wilderness area. At Inari, the centre of Sami culture in Finland, we can explore the lake, perhaps catching fresh fish for dinner!
North Cape - the Top of Europe Heading even further north through the tundra, we take the tunnel across to the rocky outcrop of North Cape, situated on the edge of the Arctic waters - the so-called 'Sea of Ice'. Here at the tip of Europe the twilight night-sky glows misty pink and orange. Early in the summer the 'Midnight Sun' can be viewed from towering cliffs of black granite, which rise 300m straight out of the sea.

Itinerary1 Fly London/Tromso. 2 Drive and ferry to Andenes on Andoya Island (Vesteralen). 3 Optional whalewatching; bus and ferry to Kabelvag on Vestvagoy Island (Lofoten); optional walks and exploring. 4 In Kabelvag; optional boat trips or walks. 5 Drive via Narvik to Abisko area (Sweden). 6 In Abisko; optional hikes. 7 Bus to Enontekio, (Finland). 8 Drive Inari Lake area; optional visit to Lapp village; optional rafting. 9 At Inari; explore lake by canoe, hikes, optional sea-plane flight or Siida museum. 10 Drive and tunnel to Skarsvag on North Cape Island (Norway). Visit Nord Kapp. 11 Optional walk to Europe's most northerly point; optional boat trip to bird colonies. 12 Drive Alta. 13 Drive to Sautso Canyon area; optional walks. 14 Return Tromso. 15 Fly London.

Accommodation and Meals5nts simple campsite cabins that may involve multiple sharing, 9nts camping at camp grounds with generally good facilities; 14 breakfasts, 13 lunches & 11 dinners included. Some camping nights can generally be upgraded to cabins, depending on availability.

TransportCoach/Ferries/On foot.

CommentsThis trip to the remote and beautiful north of Scandinavia involves a couple of long drives, but also plenty of walks (optional). The walks available are graded as easy to moderate (generally 4-6 hours of walking).

Tour StaffExplore Tour Leader, cook and a driver.

Group SizeApprox. 18 to 24

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